MATERIALS ON-BOARD: STEEL ADVANCEMENTS AND INTEGRATED COMPOSITES – is an EU FP7 project with the aim to investigate two novel ideas concerning ship structures. First, the introduction of High Strength Low Alloyed Steels (HSLA) in specific structural details and second the replacement of specific structural parts of the ship with composite materials.

HSLA steels with high toughness properties, in specific areas of the ship structure, reduce the risk of cracks developing in stress concentration areas while composite materials can replace parts of the steel structure, such as superstructures, transverse bulkheads, partial decks and other non-critical parts thereby reducing weight and corrosion effects provigil.

The final outcome of the project will be the development of relevant guidelines for the design and application of these two new concepts in shipbuilding.


Project aims:

The ultimate goal of the application of these technologies in ship structures is to:

  • improve the structural response of the ship
  • reduce corrosion
  • reduce the lightship weight of the structure
  • reduce the maintenance and overall operation cost of the vessel


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